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Travel Jobs London for a Rewarding Career

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Walk into any recruitment agency UK and you’ll see pretty much the same thing: big job boards advertising a load of same old boring thing that no one really wants to do. Who’d actually want to be a purchasing manager? There’s something about traditional corporate life that is not very appealing, at least not to a certain sort of person – and that’s why it’s such a good thing that there are some agencies whose special talents lie in other directions. Like providing candidates for travel jobs London: the ideal compromise between the unfortunate reality of having to have a job, and the feeling that sitting in an office all day for the next 40 years is hardly what one signed up for when one was born.

The recruitment agency UK that advertises travel jobs, and helps its candidates into travel jobs, knows this: there is more to life than a desk, and there’s more to work than sitting around all day pretending you aren’t playing on the Internet. Travel jobs offer their workers the chance to see the world, to help other people see the world, and to earn decent money into the bargain. In other words, to live the dream even though you know you have to go to work.

Travel jobs London are of course particularly high profile (and therefore high in rewards like company junkets to hot countries to get to know the products you are selling). That’s because all of the major UK travel agencies have their head offices in London; and all of the UK’s specialty trip arrangers have their business there too. Get yourself into a recruitment agency UK that is able to offer you travel jobs in London and you’re laughing – you’ve got a whole new career opening up in front of you with all sorts of opportunities there for the taking: and, of course, those precious London salaries too. Get in with that London weighting and you can expect to earn between 15k and 24k per year at basic level – while travel jobs London for managers and senior staff start at around 24k and can go up into the low 30s.

Add the prospect of research trips (it’s absolutely true – some of the best travel agencies in London demand that their staff go on holidays to awesome places on company cash. And those specialty recruitment agency UK outlets start to look like a pretty good idea. Travel agency jobs are ideal for all those people that spent a while bumming around after they finished their education, went on a trip or two, got itchy feet and then got very depressed at the thought of having to spend the rest of their lives not going anywhere any more. With top travel jobs London aimed at all levels of experience and ages, there are whole new careers out there, stuck up on job boards, waiting for some enterprising person to come along and make the most of them.

Remember – work doesn’t have to be awful. Check out a recruitment agency UK with a specialty in travel jobs and it could be amazing.

New Frontiers recruitment agency UK, offers a wide range of travel jobs London, jobs in travel industry such as tour operators and travel agent jobs.

We will miss you Steve. The world has lost a genius.
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