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How to Find Secretarial Jobs in London

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Looking for a new job? Struggling to find the time to search, let alone actually find the right job that you want?


Well don’t despair because like most people within the secretarial and administration sectors, you either have no time to search because of existing work commitments or the positions that you are coming across just aren’t what you had in mind. It’s a similar story for many seeking new employment, not just in the secretarial and administration sectors, but amongst many different employment areas.


The advancement of the internet has resulted in a lot of job searches being performed through search engines or specialist recruitment websites. Whilst this provides a great solution to finding work, it can also be problematic because the role may not actually be exactly what you had in mind. You end up spending hours trawling through different positions, quite literally getting nowhere.


For any executive assistant, personal assistant or anyone looking for secretarial jobs, it really is worth looking for a specialist recruitment agency that can help with your search for your first job, your next job on career ladder or your dream job that you have always wanted.


The job recruitment situation becomes harder when looking for secretarial jobs London, especially if you don’t know what to do or who to speak to.

When it comes to looking for secretarial jobs London, it is imperative that you speak to people in the know; this will save you time and effort, so you can concentrate on your current employment duties or day to day chores.


There are plenty of recruitment agencies who are interested in finding short term employment, purely to make money and drive their own business.

However not all recruitment agencies are motivated by finding short term solutions, finding suitable candidates for jobs they don’t really want to do. Therefore, when looking for secretarial jobs London, it’s recommended that you use a boutique recruitment agency specialising in secretarial and/or administration recruitment.


At these types of agencies, they’re focused towards long term solutions for both the job seeker and the company. The types of sectors that personal assistants and executive assistants may want to work in could vary. For example as a secretary, you may specifically want to work as a medical secretary and not necessarily a legal secretary.


Therefore, by speaking to a boutique recruitment agency you can be highly specific about your job and the roles that you’re looking for. These recruitment agencies can match your skills set and job specifications to that of their clients and find a long term solution that benefits both the client and the candidate.


What to do next? Get online and instead or searching for specific jobs, start looking at reputable recruitment agencies. Remember you are looking for highly specific agencies who concentrate on secretarial jobs and secretarial jobs London. Contact them in any way possible, not just by sending them an e-mail. Call and arrange to speak to an agent and start the ball rolling towards your next dream job.

Vincent Rogers is a freelance writer who recommends Tiger Recruitment, a leading executive and personal assistant recruitment company providing Secretarial Jobs in London


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