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Prominent Job Sites UK

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There are lot of recruiting sites and companies that provide job alert to people to get good employment.  Job Sites UK will help you to search for jobs in United Kingdom. There are number of companies in UK that require lot of man power. You can search for suitable jobs matching to your profile on […]

Be Nice to the Recruiter: Care and Feeding Tips for Working With Recruiters, Search Professionals, Employment Agents and Other People You Want to Help You Find Work

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Is your blood starting to boil when recruiters don’t return your calls or respond to your emails? Jeff A;tman, The Big Game Hunter, is a veteran search professional who has been recruiting and coaching people for almost 40 years. In this report, The Big Game Hunter offers 10 easy to follow suggestions for working with […]

Scripts for Winning Jobs.: Book and 4 CDs. Power English Series.

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Book with corresponding sound tracks on 4 audio CDs in a durable multimedia album. Learn from successful people from many different walks of life. What did they do and say to win that job or get promoted? How did they negotiate? What is their secret? Prepare for job interviews with authentic scripts for various occupations, […]

screw the recruiter

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If you have ever applied for work and then: – Never heard back – Were told that you were not qualified, even though you thought you were a shoo-in – Took the phone interview and then got turned down – Interviewed in person and did not get hired – Were told you would be hired […]