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Marketing Manager Job

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If you are interested in a marketing manager job then you should be well informed about what the position entails for you. Most marketing managers have a lot of responsibility and can be in charge of a lot of different things at the same time. For example, one of the typical activities for a marketing […]

Finding a Management Job; Five Skills that we Need Today

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Article by Patricia Carrascosa Leadership Skills: Managers are in a position from which they are responsible for a team; a number of people working for a common goal. Managers need to make sure that targets are being met. However, leadership is much more than just supervision; it is about inspiring others and helping guide and […]

Imagine Babysitters

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Care for up to eight adorable babies from different families. Follow the babies’ growth and development as they learn new skills. Develop a loving relationship with the babies; feed them, nurse them, rock them to sleep. Help the babies learn and grow through 15 interactive mini-games, including memory games, puzzle games, coloring activities, and more! […]


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It is important to put together concise and simple cover letters that will accompany your resume.A cover letter is like a headline of your resume where the applicant entices the reader to read the resume.It emphasizes the important matching points of your resume with the requirements of the position.These downloadable files will aid the job […]

SEARCH STRATEGIES FOR A FAST JOB SEARCH – $39.95 Limited Promotion ($395.95 Reg.)

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Knowing how to effectively use search strategies can help you while you are employed or unemployed, these methods won’t only help job seekers find a job fast, but more importantly help them find the ideal job.When searching for a new job there are several common approaches that are typically used by a job hunter to […]