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Job Hunting Thru Job Search Engines

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Article by Kenny Leones Nowadays, it is not a good idea to be out of a job since the economic situation all over the world is not looking very positive at the moment. What this means is that commodity prices are sky-rocketing; companies are downsizing; and jobs are getting harder to come by. With this […]

Don’t Lose Heart When Looking For Graduate Jobs

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Article by Xander Palmer So you have just left university, currently don’t have a job and all you are hearing in the press is about the unemployment levels constantly increasing? If this describes you then don’t lose heart because it isn’t all doom and gloom and bad news when it comes to graduate jobs. Graduate […]

How and where to find jobs online

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Article by Job Cluster If you are a fresh graduate or a current or previous employer who is in job search but don’t have any idea from where to start then here you will find the necessary information about it. To find jobs online is the best and most reliable method. With proper information you […]

Job Interview Skills DVD (for Graduates and New Job Seekers)

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Physical and Occupational Therapists Job Search Handbook: Your Complete Job Search Strategy : How to Hire; How to Be Hired

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This book is a self-help handbook, the first practical job search guide written for physical and occupational therapists (employees and employers both). It is not only practical for new graduates but for experienced therapists also. It encourages a professional approach and can improve their image and mannerism, career situation, success, and happiness. The employer’s legal […]