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The Future of Construction jobs UK

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Article by Joe C. Mason

While it’s true that the global recession affected all industries in the United Kingdom, the country’s construction industry took a particularly hard hit. The number of construction jobs UK clearly decreased during the past two years, with productivity taking a sharp 5% dip, resulting in thousands of construction workers being laid off. Industry execs took the news particularly hard, as previous estimates predicted only a 1% decrease in output.

Despite the number of construction jobs UK lost, it seems there’s light at the end of the tunnel. The construction sector has slowly, but surely begun to regain a good foothold, and signs of recovery are clearly evident. In fact, the third quarter of 2010 showed an overall rise in output–a trend that analysts hope will continue over the coming months. Although a large percentage of the growth is concentrated in the repair and maintenance area of the construction industry, it seems that the programmes initiated by the government in April have contributed to the good results.

However, London economists are still cautious of this growing optimism, especially since the construction jobs UK produced by the private sector are still subdued. Productivity in the private sector is still down by 9% compared to the same months in 2008. Experts also believe that the growth arising in the repair and maintenance sector could be a temporary fix to a hurting economy that’s still in dismal shape when viewed as a whole. With budget pressures predicted to affect the construction sector over the next few months, economists believe that the best solution would be to support the industry until the economy recovers to normal levels.

This could be a major problem with the government doing its best to cut costs across the board to reduce the budget deficit. Gordon Brown is looking to save

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