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Finding an UK Job the Right Way

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Article by Lonniy Gonauilar

Just l?k? the rest ?f the world, the United Kingdom h?s n?t b??n spared the effects of the recession. In fact, a??ord?ng to the latest statistics, th? employment rate fell by 0.1 percent ?n th? thr?e months running up to April 2010 from 72.2 to 72.1 percent. Then again, th? UK ?? ?n? ?f the few countries lesser affected b? recessionary woes so there ?s good news t? be found in UK jobs.

Legal Matters

Before applying for an? UK job, however, a non-British applicant mu?t b? aware of cert?in legal requirements for working and living in ?n? part of the country. As for applicants w?th British citizenship, th? ?nl? limitation in l?ok?ng f?r jobs ??n b? found in the qualifications set f?rth b? th? employers.

The legal requirements depend on the citizenship ?f th? individual. An American citizen must apply f?r ? working visa in th? British Embassy located in th? area wh?le ? European Union citizen ??n work in the UK w?th?ut need for a visa ?r ? work permit. There ?re exceptions t? th? rule, however, ?o it i? ?lw??s b?st t? a?k th? British Embassy f?r specifics befor? applying for ?ny UK job.

Sectors of Possible Employment

Just like ?ny developed nation, UK jobs range fr?m menial labor to executive positions th?t can b? filled by both British ?nd non-British citizens with ? f?w exceptions. For example, nanny jobs ?nd clerical positions c?n only b? filled b? non-British citizens when sufficient proof ?an be presented ?g?in?t ? British citizen holding s?id jobs.

There ?r? many ????ible sectors of employment in the United Kingdom fr?m ?b?ve ground in agriculture to underground in mining. Agricultural jobs ?n th? UK ?re highly mechanized and, thus, ?ften require knowledge ?n the operation ?f farm equipment ?s well a? skills ?n modern agriculture techniques. It mu?t b? emphasized th?t th? sector only constitutes 1.6 percent ?f the total labor force with jobs ranging fr?m farm worker t? company executives ?? w?ll ?s th? technical positions.

The manufacturing industry accounts for ? bigger share ?f the UK jobs at 13 percent of employment. Although the sector h?? declined ?n importance, it ?? st?ll ? good place t? find ? well-paying UK job.

The mo?t dominant industry ?n th? UK ?s the service sector. These include jobs in hotels and restaurants, transport, storage and communication and financial intermediation. It must b? noted th?t London, the capital city of the United Kingdom, ?s ? global hub for var??us financial services and commerce.

Other industries with high possibility f?r employment ?n the United Kingdom include real estate, construction and education. Join job sites, inquire fr?m employers and scan th? newspapers for ?v??lable job openings.

As ?an b? expected, salaries vary ac?ord?ng t? th? position, th? company ?nd the geographical area ?f the UK job be?ng offered. As ? general rule, salaries in cities like London ?r? higher than in th? rural areas. It should als? be noted that employment legislation ?n maximum working hours, minimum wage ?nd safety regulations are strictly enforced ?n th? country.

When looking ?t UK jobs, ?t i? essential t? determine position qualifications, salary and other requirements before th? submission of application letter and resume. Keep ?n mind that th? protocols f?r filling job positions ?r? similar t? oth?r Western countries.

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Unemployment now 8% – 2.5 Million unemployed the highest in 15 years. But as spending cuts in the UK force a growing number of people out of work, the few vacancies that are left are mostly going to immigrants. Jamie Bragginton is among the growing ranks of the unemployed. He has been trying to find a job in social housing since May — but competition is fierce. “There are around five or six agencies working for each job so you just find there are about 30-40 people getting shortlisted. I’ve had to look at salaries that are slightly less, maybe going back to college, maybe doing something part-time,” he says. Unemployment is now at 8 per cent — the highest for 15 years. But no matter how hard Jamie tries, the odds are stacked against him. Job centers across the UK have helped fill over 180000 new vacancies in the last 12 months. But only 8 per cent of those went to British nationals. Foreign workers were more successful in the job market nine times out of 10. Reversing that trend was a key election pledge of the new government, promising to slash immigration. However a year on, it has only increased. Net immigration was nearly a quarter of a million last year — up 20 per cent on 2009 and Britain’s second biggest ever annual total. It is way off the government’s five-figure target. “I think they were probably over-promising. Given the restrictions that they face, it didn’t make sense to promise to bring the number down to an arbitrary level. Really, they should’ve been
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