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A Great Job For Students – Walking Dogs

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Jobs for students are becoming more and more difficult to locate as unemployment remains high. You don’t see any movie ushers anymore and adults jobs that were traditionally reserved for teenagers, like mowing lawns and delivering newspapers, are being done by adults. So where can you find a job for a teen currently? It is possible to create your own job and be your own boss as a professional dog walker.

Why You can Earn Money Walking Dogs

People nowadays are busier than ever before. They work the whole day and commute farther on jam packed freeways. This means their dogs are at home alone for hours on end and need someone to take them out. And when Mr. and Ms. Dog Owner do eventually get home at the end of a long day, they’re almost certainly tired from the commute. The last thing they’re interested in doing is walking the dog.

Mr. Jones has a new puppy that isn’t house broken yet and should be taken out just about every 4 hours. Mrs. Johnson works ten hours a day, her dog can’t hold it that long. Scruffy is hyper and a walk just before Ms. Jackson arrives home will calm him down. Mr. James is disabled and cannot take his dog out every single day.

There are actually a lot of reasons that people today hire someone like you to walk their dog and they are willing to pay excellent money. It is not unusual for someone like you to earn 0-0 per day walking dogs. You set your own hours. Schedule yourself around school, friends and other activities you engage in. It is flexible, it’s not difficult, and you can earn money doing it.

Do you like dogs? Would you like to earn money from helping people? Can you make some extra time in the morning or afternoon for a great teenager job? Then you really should learn more about starting a dog walking business.

Learn how you can earn a real income as a dog walker. Click http://www.squidoo.com/dog_walking_business now and check it out. You’ll learn how people like you are earning money and there’s a short video, too.

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