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The Outlook For Aerospace Jobs

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There are many different types of aerospace jobs with different responsibilities and duties. One such job is an aerospace engineer, who deals with aircraft and other spacecraft. Some of these duties are performed outside of Earth’s atmosphere.

An engineer will have to be a dedicated and loyal team member. His or her job is to produce flight vehicles that will balance the available technology with cost, abilities and operation. Several levels of degrees can be found in this field, including advanced diplomas, bachelors degrees, masters degrees and PhD.Other responsibilities will include the testing, design and development of aircraft, missiles and spacecraft. Promotion to a supervisory position could be available. It is prudent that the job seeker decides which area they want to specialize in, for instance communication, instrumentation, control, navigation, management or structural design.Specialty in products can also be required and these areas include spacecraft, helicopters, and military fighter jets, commercial aircraft. Rockets and missiles are often produced. Many branches matched to the industry, such as control systems personnel, acoustics, propulsion, celestial mechanics, thermodynamics and aerodynamics.It is said that employment in this field has shown slower growth than average. An increase in projects for the military is likely to generate new positions and strategies to increase output will result in staff members being promoted. It is projected that employment opportunities will be favorable until at least 2014.Considering the slow growth of opportunities for advancement, salaries are rather low. An engineer with a Bachelors degree will usually start with an annual salary of about , 000. The starting salary of those with a Masters Degree is around , 000 and an employee with a PhD can exact a starting salary of around , 500. The job usually involves some travel. Most jobs require at least two years of experience and most companies will require the employee to return to college for a Bachelors degree.Ultimately an aerospace job will seem very exciting to those that do not know any better, they will imagine jet fighter aircraft, stealth bombers and space travel as all being part of the work. The reality of course is like any other industry that there will be many mundane and boring jobs that require long periods of doing the same task repeatedly. Not everyone working in aerospace is a jet pilot or a top level design engineer, the reality for many is the same as for all of us, go to work and get it over with.

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