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Steam The Genie That Created Engineering Jobs In India

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Article by Sanjay Joshi

India today is said to be the hub of engineering jobs outsourcing in the world. Although, the proverbial Damocles Sword is hanging over the engineering jobs from India today with China fast sharpening its claws to take a swipe at our local talent today and recession fast eroding the job database, for the moment we still shine. If the truth be told, we are at the meeting point of hope and despair. Twilight of emotion…Or a breaking dawn…Yes that reference was deliberate. Anyway, we are either going into the night with very dark times ahead for our engineers and their dreams or we could expect the sun to break out just about now. Let us be optimists. Let us hope that dawn is just around the corner…At least until we are sure that it is indeed the coming of dusk. We will worry about surviving the night the night when and if we have to worry about it. Let us talk about more cheerful subjects today.Let us talk about the Golden Age of Engineering of Engineering jobs in India: A time when there was no doubt that the warm golden rays of the rising sun were indeed smiling down on the nascent field of engineering. Without trying to dishonour the ancient works and the great scientists that lived or were reputed to live in India in the threshold of time when pre-history met history, I will tentatively and humbly propagate my own take on what really ushered the Engineering Jobs into India. There are no prizes for guessing. I have made my point very clear right at the beginning…But let us usher our hero in with a little bit of fanfare shall we…? Here he comes…Hiiiiissssssss……Sorry if I have made a scantily clad leading lady spring to your mind…Even more sincere apologies to those who suffer from ophidiophobia. Please forgive me. I meant you no harm. Actually I meant the power that industrialized India as well as gave birth to engineering jobs in our country.

Steam…!!! You guessed right. Before there was anything else there was steam. Powering the Industrial Revolution…Even today when we have reached the so called Nuclear age…Steam is still the silent mover behind the bulk of our energy needs. True it is created with nuclear fission rather than coal, but it is still there. Let no man/ woman deny its existence. True, it is not longer blatantly displayed as it was once. Children in our country today have no idea what it means to travel in a steam hauled train. I miss those childhood memories when I used to walk to the nearby railway tracks just to wave at trains. The thrill of watching a black monster approach, enveloped in a cloak of mist…Standing as close to the tracks. Wanting to run…Yet rooted to the spot…The roar as it swept past. Sigh…Those days will never return…But at least I have seen them. The younger generation growing up today will never know what it is like to see those feats of primitive engineering that spearheaded the age that we enjoy today.

Coming back to reality, The high expenses of European shipyards led to Bombay or Mumbai to develop as a major ship building dockyard. Around that time, the integration of marine steam engines into ship led to a brave new world of engineering development opening a new line of jobs. As a matter of fact, Ardeshir Cursetjee, who specialized in marine steam engines and shipbuilding work, became the first fellow ever of the Royal Scientific Society in England…Far ahead of C.V. Raman, Ramanujan, Bhabha, etc. The inland branch of transport was railways; which was again powered by steam. This became the second greatest provider of engineering jobs in India after shipbuilding. On that noble foundation have we raised the modern software and I.T. sector. Let us all raise our glasses in toast…Hisssssss….

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