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Some Projections For Public Sector Jobs

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Projections for public sector employment during the period ending in 2018 show an increase of ten percent. However, this project was based on figures compiled prior to two major pieces of legislation. These laws are the banking regulatory legislation and health care reform packages. A significant growth in the number of agencies is attached to the health care laws. In the federal government banking sector, additional personnel will be necessary to administer the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP)allocations as well as to manage the banks that failed during the recent economic downturn.

Other federal job growth factors include the majority ownership of Freddie Mac, Fanny Mae and General Motors. The student loan program is one hundred percent under public sector management. All these factor will balloon the original growth estimate. In addition, the rate of retirement is growing as the population grows older. The openings that occur will vary with some job sectors growing faster than others.

At present, the largest employer in the United States is the federal government. It is growing at a tremendous pace. During the last two years, federal jobs have increased by ten percent. However, not all federal programs are growing. Public sentiment changes about the necessity for government programs and Congress may slash spending levels and approval to increase the federal work force.

In certain sectors, position are expected to grow and be especially strong. Some of the specialized workers will be filling positions in financial services, law enforcement, scientific research, information security and public health. Increasing numbers of aging Americans will lead to more health care positions open in Federal hospitals, clinics and other facilities. Security in cyberspace is another rapidly growing field. It relates to national defense.

Because of the need for increased financial security in the banking and financial areas, many claims adjusters, investigators, examiners and compliance officer are expected to be hired. New law enforcement officers are another need that is being projected. Retirements of the Baby Boomers is growing at an increasing pace. The move to pensions and Social Security benefits from a regular government paycheck will open many positions. Some of the openings will be redistributed into other types of work, but popular jobs may result in continued competition between job seekers.

The public sector employment market is tied to changing societal needs and economic conditions. The positive attraction for good salaries and benefits draws many people into public sector jobs. For fairly stable job sectors, the openings and security are very attractive to workers.

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