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Faux Pas In Men’s Fashion In 2011

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You may not be very fashionable, but malfunctioned wardrobe could go against your personality and leave a bad impression on your colleagues. Avoid making fashion blunders by following these tips.

Faux Pas in men’s fashion could turn you into a laughing stock; you become the target of people jokes without you realizing this. Unlike the tall, dark handsome gender who makes embarrassing blunders; their counterparts tend to be more cautions. In the case of the former faux pas could be mainly due to sheer ignorance or laziness.

Here is a list of commonly committed blunders in men’s fashion, be it while attending parties or place of work. Before any of these leave you red in the face, make a note of these.

Bulging pockets – We come across many people with swollen pockets. With visiting cards, bits of paper and pen protruding out from the pockets, rather than making the person appear busy; it makes him look more like a thief who has just robbed a store.

Pant pockets are meant more for your hands, so opt for a slim wallet instead. For keeping wads of cash, cell phones, visiting cards, old receipts and keys buy an all-purpose zipped bag. Alternately, you could also try donning a blazer or a jacket to accommodate things in the inner pockets.

Wearing white or colored socks with formal shoes – There are many who make this legendary mistake every morning. The thought process that runs behind this is: My socks is not visible to anyone. But this is were you go wrong. Socks will not go unnoticed when you sit on your chair or relax on a couch. If you cannot find socks that match the color of your shoes wear dark hues.

Wearing keds to your workplace -Some men’s fashion shoe brands promote their sports shoes as formals. However, there is not need to wear them to your place of work, as, if you have been wearing the same shoe to the gym as well as for playing a sport it will have nasty marks and will have your colleagues go eeks! Don’t bother to wear spotless shoes either – as this will acquire undue attention below formal trousers. For comfort, try wearing slip-on loafers or sneakers.

Carrying backpacks to work – It’s been long since you graduated. Professionals need to look professional. Leather messenger briefcase or bags complement well with work wardrobe. So keep your backpack for future camping excursions.

Some of the lean and simple looking leather backpacks go well with formals. But the bulgy and the bright ones do not look good. However, a backpack becomes necessary for those carrying laptops everyday to work. In that case, invest in the one that serves the purpose. But don’t wear it along with formals shirts and suits.

Wearing socks with floaters – Although comfortable, wearing socks on a rainy day is considered heinous. There is no other alternative for this. In your interest, all that you can do is to stop committing fashion faux pas.

An impeccably dressed person is the one whose clothes complement the job profile. These tips will give you a better understanding of men’s fashion essentials and prevent you from making these blunders in future.

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