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Car Insurance Quotes Online

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How do we sort through the hundreds of car insurance quotes online? When all of them offer similar discounts, prices, and features, it seems as if your search for the cheapest quote is endless.

The solution that Aussie drivers have found when comparing car insurance quotes online is to rank them for the savings they can make on their maximum no claim bonus, excess fees, and premiums. This not only allows them to understand the large range of prices in the market, but it also helps them discover new competitors who are offering groundbreaking rates.

Insurers have caught on to this trend, and are offering further discounts for customers who purchase policies online. However, before you get that far, you need to make sure that your car insurance quote is meeting your expectations by reading their online product disclosure statements and fees guides.

Some gems that you will discover when you take the extra time and effort include extra discounts for being a safe driver, or even simply living in a certain state.

For example, the safest drivers often find no claim bonuses of up to 70 per cent on their premiums, while others may be stuck with 40 or 50 per cent. The more populated states tend to attract higher excess fees, placing New South Wales and Victoria amongst the most expensive in Australia.

Drivers looking for car insurance quotes online can use RateCity to compare features such as roadside assistance, emergency repairs, and whether there are extra costs for paying the premium monthly instead of annually.

Better yet are the national star ratings which can help you find the some of the best car insurance offers approved by experts and customers from all over Australia. These cream of the crop deals often have the lowest fees and largest range of features, and will save you hours of trawling through websites and call centres in your search for the best.

Finding the lowest car insurance quote shouldnt take you weeks or days. A few minutes online can give you a golden list of insurers that is sure to save you hundreds a year.

RateCity.com.au is the website where Australians can easily find, compare and apply for over 13,000 financial products from over 250 institutions. It spells the end of travelling from website to website and the beginning of discovering the very best value product for you. Our job is to take the hassle out of finding the right financial product – saving our users both money and time.

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