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10 Job Search Routes

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There is no one true path to a successful job search. Here we explore ten potential ways you can get the job you are looking for.

Job Search Route 1:
The tried and tested. The conventional is not necessarily a job hunting method that should be ignored. The clear path of trekking your neighborhood, banging on doors and meeting prospective employers face to face can still go a long way to seeing you in gainful employment.

Job Search Route 2:
Engaging professional help. Taking on the skills of a Recruitment Agency will allow you access to jobs which are not available by any other means. Often they tie the client into an exclusivity agreement. A Recruitment Consultant will also have a good idea of the state of play in your chosen industry.

Job Search Route 3:
Referrals: Using your previous Employers as an avenue to new jobs is the best means of getting to the next level. If your skills have outgrown your current Employer’s ability to pay, they will often be happy to see an associate get their hands on you.

Job Search Route 4:
Networking:Networking groups in the online domain are many and there are some that stand out head and shoulders above the others. Using the people you know, people who know your talents and know others who may like to utilize them, is becoming increasingly fashionable.

Job Search Route 5:
Online search: The online advertisement of jobs has exploded in the last decade. The online domain allows access to jobs the world over. Taking a run through the jobs advertised online gives a Job Hunter increased hope of success and the ability to send their CV to 1000’s of Employers in a limited timeframe.

Job Search Route 6:
Futurology: looking into a crystal ball is no easy thing but many in their job searches are increasingly looking towards current events (particularly in the business pages) seeing that a certain business is planning a move into a particular area may lead to you getting in contact about future job opportunities. This way you will definitely be ahead of your competitors who are waiting for the job advertisement to appear.

Job Search Route 7:
Know B4 You Go: If you are searching for a position abroad then as part of your job search you need to check out not only the costs of living in the new location, but visa requirements and other expectations also.

Job Search Route 8:
Keep your ears open: There is nothing like the grapevine to help you get that job. Word on the street may tell you of openings, a friend may be thinking of leaving their post. If that friend were to include your targeted CV with their resignation letter then your chances of success are increased exponentially.

Job Search Route 9:
Work for yourself. If all of the job searching is leaving you feeling less than inspired then search for the job you really want. Look inside yourself, see what you are passionate about and then build a business based around this passion.

Job Search Route 10:
Let them come to you. Placing your profile, your skills and what you are willing to provide these skills in exchange for on message boards can see your skills being picked up on by Employers, especially if you are willing to provide for less than what others of your ilk are trying to command.

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