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Job Interview Tips to Be Successful During Any Interview

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Article by Matthew h

Building your confidence for a successful job interview. These interview tips will help you achieve your goal of mastering the interview, and to use any known techniques more effectively. If you want to be perceived as confident then you must act the part, by mimicking successful people you will have no problem in winning over any employee. But first, you must know what confidence is.

Grab a Pen and a piece of paper

* Describe what is important to your about been confident* Describe some common elements of been confident* Describe someone in real life who shows confident traits* Describe that person day to day actions* Say what you currently do that is similar* Define how your behaviors differ* Identify what you have to do to copy there behaviors* List the benefits of having confidenceBy knowing your weaknesses you can begin to work out ways of improving them, by looking at a successful person and mimic them.

In today’s high speed world it is simply not good enough to be good at what you do. You have to be seen as good. Evaluate what your doing well, and where there is room for improvement. Maybe have a look at your behaviors and see what impact it has. Be AWARE of YOURSELF and your ACTIONS to make any changes in your life as some behaviors can have negative impacts on you. In most cases, most people are not aware they are doing these negative behaviors.

TIP: If your jacket button is undone; this suggests that your open to suggestiveness, if your jacket is buttoned up, you are showing that you have a closed point of view.

What if you could know what the other person is thinking? Would you be able to anticipate actions to make a good impression?. Reading body language is like reading a very big story of somebodies life. One word simply does not tell us the entire story and neither does one gesture. In order to read body language you need to consider three gestures from the list below.

* Facial expressions* Posture* Arm position* Hand gestures* Foot placement* Stance

Facial expressions* Arrogance; can be conveyed by the head tilting and the jaw thrust* A forward tilting head indicates a critical attitude.* The head cradle provides comfort and security and shows a sign ofdominance.* The sideways glance shows interest (look out for this on the way out of the interview room)* The sideways glance away from you can indicate a lack of trust (look out for this on the way out of the interview room)* Dipping eye shows innocence

By seeing three of these gestures, you can safely be aware that the potential employee likes you.

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