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Interview Answers

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No one on this planet has all of the answers, ‘knowing you don’t know.’ is your first step to giving the right Interview Answers.

Interview Answers techniques 1: Know you don’t know.

If you don’t know the answer then whatever you do, don’t go into rigmarole of guessing the answer. Be prepared to accept and tell that you don’t know the answer. The Interviewer will appreciate this more than having to listen to mindless babble.

Interview Answers techniques 2: Say what you mean.

Taking the time out to formalize your response in your mind before you give it is the difference between success and failure in giving the Questioner what they want. Give them what they want, that is you at your best.

Interview Answers techniques 3: Keep it snappy.

Once you have made your point stop talking. Silence in an interview is a very important device in establishing control for you. Your silence, once you have fulfilled your obligation to them in giving a strong answer hands the ball back to them. You never know the next thing they may say is, ‘We would like to offer you the position.’

Interview Answers techniques 4: Stay on topic.

Tangents were fun back in class when your Teacher would go off topic but are no fun for an Employer eager to fulfill a position with ten other interviewees waiting outside. Stick to the subject matter, give every relevant piece of information you have in your answer and for God’s sake don’t blow it by divulging too much.

Interview Answers techniques 5: Shoot the breeze.

It is important that you show your humanity, your charm and especially your wit in the interview scenario. The employer is looking for someone who is not going to create tensions in the work-place. Be likable and be capable of laughing in spite of your nervousness.

Interview Answers techniques 6: Love it and show it.

This is your time to shine, use the intonation in your voice to reflect how exited you are by certain dimensions of the job specifications. If you are happy with them and you know it then show it, command your voice in your answers to reflect this happiness.

Interview Answers techniques 7: Use past interview failures.

You have experience in these matters, if you have applied for similar jobs in the past and failed then understand why you failed. It is no fun being stuck in a rut of failure; if there were things you said wrong in the past then DON’T say them again.

Interview Answers techniques 8: Use past interview successes.

Even if you were unsuccessful in a prior interview there were of course things that you did right, answers to questions that you gave correctly. An interview for a military position will involve the question; ‘Would you like to kill people?’ Many people don’t get the chance to answer it correctly the first time round and end up dead in the water in job accrual. Get the answer right the first time and even if unsuccessful you can use the correct answer again during your next Job Interview opportunity.

Interview Answers techniques 9: A question with a question.

It can be a useful device to end your answer with another question to lead the interview the way you want.

Interview Answers techniques 10: An answer with an answer.

There is usually more than one potential answer to the myriad of questions you will face. It can be useful to give an ‘either or’ response offering multiple solutions.

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