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10 Tips for Interview

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Here is the advice of an Author who manages to succeed in every interview he takes part in.

Tips for Interview 1: Be on time, better still be early. Nothing shows eagerness like the willingness to take extra time out of your day for this interview. You can use the time to access your surroundings and come up with questions and assumptions based on your observance that will impress the Interviewer.

Tips for Interview 2: Dress according to the expectations of the job. If it is for an industrial role I am not going so far as to advise you to go in gung ho hard hat and safety gear in tow, but there is no need to overdress. Dress to impress but many employers can be off put if the standard of clothes you bare puts their own wardrobe to shame.

Tips for Interview 3: Come to the table with realistic monetary reward expectations. Nothing says, ‘Get out of here you Loon,’ quicker than a man who expects to be paid double the amount they deserve. Realize that it is an Employer’s market out there at present. Be reasonable in your expectations and you give the would-be-Employer just one more reason to accept your proposal to work for him/her.

Tips for Interview 4: If you smoke then try not to enter the Interview scenario with the smell of smoke all around you. The Interviewer may be trying to quit, may be adverse to the smell and will probably be having issues with current Employees who take a large amount of their working time up having cigarette breaks. If you do smoke then mask the smell with aftershave and breath-mints.

Tips for Interview 5: Be aware that at any point you can put your foot in your mouth. It is reasonable on the Interviewer’s part to give you time to consider your answers to questions. It is in their interests for you to get your point across. Use this time that is afforded to you and allow yourself the time to give an adequate response. Words are your ammunition for taking the opportunity, use each one wisely.

Tips for Interview 6: It is possible to develop a role which may suit better than the one on offer. There may be certain things that were overlooked when the job specification was first created. You have the chance being at close quarters with the Interviewer to develop the role further, to explain what extra you can do. Extra responsibilities means extra cash, don’t hide your light.

Tips for Interview 7: Never behave like the employer would be doing themselves a favor by taking you on. Don’t give the impression that you are above the job and that you are only considering it as a short term solution to your real dream. Yes it is good to have ambition, but the world has a career plan for everyone. It is a case of one step at a time. If there is the potential for career progression within an enterprise then all-the-better, make your abilities and your hopes for the future known to the potential employer.

Tips for Interview 8: You don’t have to enter the interview scenario with the belief that all of the balls are in their court. You can control an interview from the outset without necessarily putting the potential employer into a submissive role. Take the time out to plot the perfect interview scenario. Certain things in your CV will always guarantee the same questions. Answer them openly but finish your prepared response with an open statement that will lead the Employer to ask a follow up question you also have a pre prepared answer to.

Tips for Interview 9: There are no prizes for being afraid in life. Walk into that room and be confident, confidence is key to a successful interview. Take the bull by the horns, take your would-be-employer’s hand on entering and shake it. Don’t have a sweaty palm and enter the interview with confidence based on a pre-prepared plan. Preparation is the basis of a successful result.

Tips for Interview 10: If you like the idea of working in the position you are applying for then this will be evident in your interview. Only apply for jobs that you really want, after all this will be one of the cornerstones in your life and a place where you spend a large portion of your waking day. Wake up every morning eager to go to work. If you want the job then do not be afraid to ask for the position. So many people walk out of an interview they were successful in, but failed to demonstrate how much they wanted the position.

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